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Note: GnomeHat is in early beta. Features and functionality may change.
Check back soon for updates.

Step 1: Install GnomeHat

GnomeHat requires Ubuntu 16.04 or higher with one or more CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs.
To install with pip, just run:
pip install gnomehat

Step 2: Start GnomeHat

To start the GnomeHat UI, run:
gnomehat start
Follow the on-screen instructions to ensure that CUDA, CuDNN, and an approriate Python stack are installed.

Step 3: ???

Use gnomehat run with any Python command from inside a Git repository.

Not sure what commands to run? Try one of the built-in demonstration projects to get started.

Step 4: Profit!

Track metrics, optimize hyperparameters, and store results without paying for expensive cloud-based services!
For documentation and usage examples, see the GitHub Repository.